Lord Shiva slaying the elephant demon Gajasura

Print from an album of 44 albumen prints by Edmund David Lyon. Perur, near the Noyyal river, is 7 kms from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. It is famed for its Pattiswaraswami temple dedicated to Shiva.

Reclining Vishnu, from Deogarh

Vishnu Temple, Deogarh CE -stone -Vishnu is dreaming the world into existence. Lord Krishna, Rama, and Buddha are avatars (incarnations or forms) of Lord Vishnu.

Kali in Halebidu, Karnataka.

Fierce Kali wearing a garland of severed heads. — in Halebidu, Karnataka.

Dancing Lakshmi - A rare statue at the Keshava temple of Somnathpur

Did you know that 2 hours from Bangalore lies a beautiful Hoysala temple in all its original glory and that it is in a remote village?