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Ten in the Bed: Penny Dale: great book for a number talk. Have the students keep track on their fingers or on a 10s frame how many animals are left in the bed

What the Ladybird Heard Story Sack

A fun way to play and learn about the story of What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson.

'What the Ladybird Heard' scene in a builders tray. Great to encourage the children to recreate the story during free-play!

Hungry caterpillar game

Literature 1: "Bear Hunt Sensory Bags" Bags are filled with different materials to represent the wavy grass, water, snow, etc. This activity allows children to connect with the story because they can see and feel the materials. It extends the book's atmosphere.

Glitterbugs Story Sack - Dear Zoo

Fun idea to make a story sack / play props for exploring the book Owl babies #fall

Julia Donaldson's Where's My Mom? Book Activity

Story Telling & Animal Sorting (",)

This blog post has wonderful ideas. I am definitly following her blog.