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the painting depicts an ancient city with many people
In about the year 1, Rome becomes the first city to reach a million inhabitants.
It is successively the capital of the Roman Kingdom, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire.
an image of a city that looks like it is in the middle of a fire
Paliano: The High CIty by AdamPaquette on DeviantArt
an artistic painting of a castle on a cliff by the ocean with sailboats in the water
Enjoy the Journey
Enjoy the Journey - Fantasy Flight Games
a cartoon character dressed in purple and gold, holding a wand with one hand while the other
Arclord of Nex by jasonjuta on DeviantArt
Arclord of Nex by jasonjuta on deviantART
a man dressed in medieval clothing standing on a dark background with his hands clasped to his chest
Cardinal Luciano (renewal), yoon ☆
ArtStation - Cardinal Luciano (renewal), B.Elin .
an image of a city with lots of people in it
Plains 1 - Guilds of Ravnica MtG Art
a painting of an ancient city with mountains in the background and trees on either side
Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication: Photo
a man with a beard and leopard print on his chest holding a knife in front of a map
Total War: Rome 2 - Enemy at the Gates Edition , Mariusz Kozik
ArtStation - Total War: Rome 2 - Enemy at the Gates Edition , Mariusz Kozik
a poster with many busts of roman emperors in gold and black on a table
Visual Guide of Roman Emperors In History | Daily Infographic
a man sitting on top of a chair in front of a lion and other animals
Ave Caesar! , Mariusz Kozik