Kerala mural painting

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World on a wall : Artist Vishnu Vikraman on reinventing Kerala mural tradition

With 600 plus murals to his credit till date, this youngster is one of the chosen few to earn a place in the Black House, Visva Bharati University's hall of fame.

Krishna Kerala Traditional Mural Painting

Artists, Dileep Swastik and Hariharan Swastik are the force behind “Swastik Mural Paintings” a banner that is familiar among Mural artists and adorers in Kerala and outside the state for the last 10 years. The two artists are well known for their novel approach towards popularising the art-form. Their works are mingled with tradition as well as renovate notions to the intricate art of thousands of years. They try to keep the Mural tradition at all its glory and mannerism, spread its spirit…