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Mini Teota Necklace : A fashionable , light, casual –wear necklace that combines a kamal har with a two- storied teota centerpiece and creates volume by the liberal use of hollow ball clusters draped all along the edges. The result is generous coverage yet great economy. With matched triple –step earrings. All in pure 22K gold.

Barfi-Chatai Ratan Choor: This, a single-finger ratan-choor in rich 22K gold, proves that ingenuity in jewellery design doesn't really warrant the use of tons of the yellow metal.

Handbag Kanbalas : The utilitarian accessory that every woman swears by provides the necessary input for a limited line of kanbalas, each modelled on some kind of handbag. Here we showcase two fine examples: the pair on top, a classic hobo bag with a gold handle supplanting the strap ; the second taking its form from the puffy Indian botua. These earrings speak the language of modernity while upholding every tenet of tradition. All in 22K hallmarked yellow gold.

Mayurpur Earring : A four-step jhapta style pure 22K gold earring that's matched to the Mayurpur Necklace but is quite capable of carrying the evening all by itself. The riveting centerpiece of the har is repeated here in a dramatic cascade of naksha crescents that culminates in a generous pearl and ball fringe, with a half jhumka and single oversized pearl drop as a fitting epilogue. You can wear just the earrings ---- they're lavish, and stunning. You deserve to be centre stage.

Delightful Diamond Lohas : Happily,the loha has undergone a significant and mostly organic change over the years and is now worn more for reasons of stylish embellishment rather than social propriety and is popular among all communities and all women. We've done our bit to help this humble but unfair bangle out of its habit of serious gender bias and clothed it in gold and diamonds to give you a contemporary ornament that deserves to be proudly displayed on your hand as you.