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an open book is suspended from the ceiling with origami birds hanging from it
Teaching resources
Recycled Paper Project - Lessons - Tes Teach
an image of spongebob with text that reads, when i introduce a new book to my friends you are going to read it and you are going to read to like it
This is me. This describes me perfectly. - FunSubstance
This is me. This describes me perfectly.
two cartoon faces with the words so how's your fandom doing?
Tweet / Twitter
I don't even know which fandom board to pin this on.... it applies to them all.
an illustration with the words when in doubt, go to the library on it's side
How a Philosophy Professor Found Love in a Hidden Library (Published 2016)
Harry Potter Print - A4 - Book Quote - Library - Chamber of Secrets - Hermione - Illustration - Children - Poster
an image of two people in pirate costumes with caption that reads me you killed my favorite character authors
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a yellow and black butterfly sitting on top of a green leafy plant with white flowers
Ela Enterprise on Twitter
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two pictures with the same caption for each one, and there is an image of pirates
FunSubstance - All
marvel fandom be like:
a tweet with an image of harry potter on it's screen and the caption that reads dear people who don't obeses over tv shows, books, movies, movies, movies, or celebities
First post!! :) - FunSubstance
What are you doing with your lives? ...besides being productive
some type of text that is in the middle of an english language conversation with other words
A Narnia fanfiction (Edmund X reader) #Wattys2016 - uhm......sorry a/n
#wattpad #fanfiction I didn't saw much x reader stories about narnia on wattpad so i decided to make one my self. so here you go, have fun reading my not-so-good story (In this story the reader comes from Holland) (I do not own Narnia)
a sign that says all great leaders are readers
Quotes About Love
Alexander the Great, Caesar, Lincoln, FDR, Churchill, Patton, JFK ... readers, all.
a poster with the words dear authors, stop blowing holes in my ship and fanggirls and fans
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This is dedicated to Ms. Rowling. I'm not at all pleased with her recent revelation<<<this note is clearly for cassandra clare too!