British Labour Party. 1945

A century of political posters from the provocative to the downright dishonest

Labour Party. 8 June, 1987

The Margaret Thatcher leaving present appeal, June 1987

Everyone is better off under Labour. 1957.

While I don't normally get involved in party ‪‎politics, I was intrigued by the article "So what made you appoint an apologist for murderous dictators?" by Kate Godfrey, a member of ‪‎ who is clearly attacking ‪‎her own leadership‬.

Keir Hardie. Labour lad.

Keir Hardie, the man who broke the mould - Skibbereen Eagle


1990s: The End of Thatcher and the Rise of New Labour.

Tony Blair is elected as prime minister in a 1997 general election in the UK

Join Labour.

We are Labour