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Kids History Atlas is an interactive world atlas that children can use to explore Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. It’s an extremely engaging app, full of colourful animated ch…


Kids History Atlas

As an EAL tool or a Modern Foreign Language tool, Duolingo is such an incredible resource to have in the classroom. It can be used to help children learn a variety of languages and is designed to t…



In comparison to BeeBot and LightBot, CargoBot is a much more challenging and advanced problem-solving, coding-based app. The students start with a set of boxes (each a different colour) and are ta…



When teaching Geography, the Kids World Atlas app is an excellent way to bring each country to life and help the children to develop a greater knowledge of the place they’re learning about. I…


Kids World Atlas

PuppetPals - Enhance any English lesson with this role playing app!


Puppet Pals HD

A lot of educators hear the word “coding” and instantly begin to worry about the complex system of symbols and computer-based terminology they’ll have to learn. However, it’…

Hour of Code: Anybody Can Learn

Maths Loops is an addictive mathematical game which will encourage children to develop their problem-solving skills.

Maths Loops

Monster Hunt is a colourful app which can help children to develop their memory skills in an exciting and engaging way. It’s also very easy to use so the children can work independently. What…

Monster Hunt

Me Books is a virtual library which children can access in the classroom

Me Books

Flipped learning is a controversial pedagogical approach to education which relies on the children taking greater independence for their learning.

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