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The Spa At Kona Beach Hotel

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Located on the lush Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii, The Spa at Kona Beach Hotel is the place for ultimate rest and rejuvenation. We offer the only true oceanfront spa experience in Kona in our cabana treatment area.

Mobile massage and royal kona massage therapists will provide their own massage equipments with massage table and will advice beforehand of any other requirements such as warm room. The benefits of this type of massage you will get body relaxation and stress free.


The research also says skin problem can develop a toxins in the body occur. The facial massage treatment is the best way to resolve skin related problems. Mobile massage in kona will also provide a back facial. Like other facial, having a back facial is relaxing. Enjoy the benefits of facials and mobile massage in the comfort of your home.


Massage therapy and spa at king kamehameha hotel is a best place for full body massage as well as oceanfront massage so you can enjoy our spa treatments with excellent services. Depression, eating disorders and post operative recovery are the few disorders that benefits from regular full body massage.


The first essential elements of a good hot stone massage kona environment that is comfortable. The entire environment must be comfortable includes massage table and especially the professional conduct of this business. And second elements of good massage are stress free environment. This type of massage creates a reassure environment for patrons.


The hot stone massage good for health or we can say that benefits of hot stone therapy is boost your circulation, release stored tension, exchange your energy levels and relax you. King kam spa treatment and massage center are best for hot stone massage therapy with license massage therapist.


Best Hot Stone Massage Treatment Services In Kona

Hot stone massage is one of the most popular massage therapy where the therapist uses smooth and heated stone by placing them on the body they massage other parts of the body. There are many spas center and hot stone massage kona provides a quality of treatment services.