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Clete Madden understands that Medisend performs a vital function to a number of third-world countries, and thousands of lives are saved each year as a direct result of the equipment and training programs they provide.

As a Salomon Smith Barney intern, Zubair Ghias assisted the Retail Brokerage Division, organizing company presentation materials and creating a spreadsheet to calculate investors’ stake in equity.

Lunar Poker provides your casino with an exciting and radically different playing experience. Easy to learn and highly profitable, Lunar Poker is an attractive option for players across the casino floor, attracting clientele you may have never thought possible. The Lunar Poker training staff will work with your dealers to provide the most thorough training possible, allowing your casino to take advantage of this exciting game almost immediately.

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Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, has helped to develop, implement, and assess programs to address social issues such as domestic violence, poverty, child abuse, and homelessness during the course of her career. Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, has been involved in social work since 1994, when she completed her education and began working for the London Borough of Haringey Children’s Services.

Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, has tried her hand at learning to play several musical instruments. She has tried playing the guitar and saxophone, among others, but has been frustrated with the difficulty of the instrument. Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, may be interested to know that there are many who say it is never to late to learn to play an instrument like guitar, and that it comes down to getting your fingers to do things they are not accustomed to doing.


Zubair Ghias was responsible for assisting the firm’s Private Client Group, receiving valuable experience by creating spreadsheets and databases for daily trades and better record keeping.

Clete Madden is a big supporter of Medisend International. Medisend has dedicated itself to the mission of sending medical equipment and supplies to Third World Nations. Medisend is located in Texas at the Elisabeth Dahan Humanitarian Center.

Christian Fanning of Eastern Washington Football is studying Fitness and Sports Medicine at Eastern Washington University. He is also a kicker in the EWU Eagles football program.

As Christian Fanning of Eastern Washington Football knows only too well, the Eagles are coming off two straight Big Sky Conference titles. They have appeared in the FCS semifinals for the last two years, and have three All-American players returning for another year, including quarterback Vernon Adams.