Kyle Davidson-Walton

Kyle Davidson-Walton

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Battle worn Centaur, Centaur, mythical, fantasy art, man, male, horse, hest, partly, creature, beast, beautiful, warrior, spirit, muscles, masculin.

Rare and Interesting Ancient Prehistoric ‘Classic’ Neanderthal Human Skull (80 BC to 35 European)

One day, the Earth could end. This tattoo might seem a little frightening but it could also mean that we never know when our end is so live life to the fullest. Plus the details in this design definitely brings the tattoo to life.

Omg I am in love with tattoo. I love skulls and I love watercolour tattoos. I would love to have this on my arm and start a skull sleeve x

great!! tattoo design, skull painting, watercolor skull galaxy painting Repin & Follow my pins for a FOLLOWBACK!