isometric pixel art

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the simpsons house is shown in an image from the game, which features several houses and trees
ryosuke on Twitter: "isometric #pixelart #ドット絵… "
an old computer game with two people standing in front of a large house and several other buildings
Mockup @
Mockup @
an image of a game scene with people and animals in the background, including a horse drawn carriage
Strategy game mock-up - Town by TimJonsson on DeviantArt
an image of a cartoon castle in the middle of a green area with trees and bushes
an island with trees and people on it, in the style of pixelo art
Summer Valley, NOP Pixels
ArtStation - Summer Valley, NOP Pixels
an aerial view of a small town with trees and buildings in the foreground, along with a person walking on a path
Yokai Inn
an aerial view of a small town in the game
the legend of zelda screenshote's village
an aerial view of a small town with trees and people in the street, including two buildings
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snack time
the game's interior is very detailed and looks like it could be in an old time
irri (@IrritadaHbbo) / X