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The art of magazine covers: 20 incredible examples from 2012

Cover Magazine / Book The Room Click here to download book cover design by carlos palleiro (uruguay), 1974 Click here to download cover Click here to download house of the mosque, book cover Click here to download


Paper Sculpture Fashion by Zaharova and Plotnikov

paper-fashion-by-alexandra-zaharova-and-ilya-plotnikov_8 Image from:

Alex Prager Did a Disembodied-Heads Fashion Shoot

Photo by Alex Prager | | Alex Prager's work is more likely to show up in a gallery than a glossy, but Garage magazine managed to enlist the photographer for its seventh issue.

Ana Strumpf’s DIY Magazine Covers

NWO Illuminati Satanist Agenda - ALL-SEEING EYE symbolism: Illuminati satanic elite seeing themselves as gods, and being able to see and watch everything that we do. The eye of Saturn/ the Eye of Horus/ Eye of Lucifer...Satan himself