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My 'what have you written today' display. Used as a working wall. #writing display #reception #eyfs

Tired words (words we use all of the time) An interactive display to encourage kids to use more interesting words in their writing.

Phonics challenge based on Obb and Bob (phonics play). Was further differentiated with different coloured words for different groups of children.

Writing Prompt Display Posters - Writing prompt, writing aid, writing aids, A4, display, punctuation, finger spaces, full stop, how to write a sentence, capital letter, write it again, foundation stage literacy, letters and sounds, DfES, KS1

One half of our Book Corner. The 'Listening Bears' are waiting for the children to come and share a book with them! They have a label on a ribbon saying 'I like listening to stories.' Books read at storytime are displayed on bookstands with the days of the week labels attached. A popular place to be in Class 1!

Calendar activities-great post. Yes, I will do this in September! I've already diwnloaded it from TPT, its printed out and I only have to finish laminating it!

I use this to reiterate sight words, theme words, etc. each week. The kids high five each word and say them out loud before they leave the classroom. They LOVE it and I can see who knows their sounds and who needs extra help!

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