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a red and white curtain hanging over a window next to a figurine on a table
a black hat on top of a white fence next to a tree and some leaves
Witch hat with feathers, beads, lace, silk flowers and tulle
a skeleton sitting on top of a tombstone
two white vases decorated with red and gold ribbons
three wine glasses with red roses on them next to a champagne bottle and some pearls
Подарочный набор "Палермо"
Доброго всем времени суток!!!! Подарочный набор назван мужем "Палермо", увидел он здесь итальянский мотивы, наверное в цветовом решении??!! фото 2
red and gold glittered wine bottles are lined up
Champagne bottle. Spray painted gold with red glitter. Hollywood baby shower. FOLLOW ON IG: maryanng_
three wine bottles decorated with black and gold decorations
three vases with plants in them sitting on a gold tray next to a wall