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Big flower #craft #handmade #DIY
Crepe Paper Rose Flowers: Crafty Beauty! 🌹🎨
Dive into crafting with crepe paper rose flowers for beauty.
three different colored chairs sitting on top of each other
three wine glasses with bows on them are sitting in front of each other, one is purple and the other is pink
Taça de Garrafa Pet 😍💖 Do Lixo ao Luxo 👑
two pink roses are sitting next to each other on a polka dot table cloth and one is wrapped in cellophane
WeddingFavorDiscount - Etsy
Pink Rose Towel Favors
a pink knitted doll is laying on top of a white towel with a pink bow
four pictures of different trays with pearls on them
Bandejas em Mdf de Perolas
two cardboard trays with holes in them
Bandeja feita de papelão
two white crocheted hats with colorful flowers and leaves on the top one is made out of yarn
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