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a bathroom with two shelves on the wall and a bathtub in the corner next to it
DYI Spa Bathroom. Bath tub shelf. Wooden shelf for bathroom
Difficulty: Easy Make your bath room like an at home spa • Bathtub • Shelf above bath tub • luxury products • Faux plants • Focus on white and fresh accents. • master bath
the stairs are painted green with white windows and potted plants on each one side
Pin by Leti Rodriguez on Something different in 2022 | Stair photo walls, Decor home living room, Stair decor
the entrance to a clothing store is decorated with flowers and vines on it's wall
a white toilet sitting in a bathroom next to a shower curtain and sink with a mirror above it
a mirror and shelf in a room with shelves on the wall above it that are filled with beauty products
a kitchen with wooden floors and an arched doorway leading to the dining room area is shown
A Victorian Homestead - Today's Homeowner
The main kitchen is semi-enclosed behind a fretwork-embellished opening and a peninsula. The custom threshold bridges the difference in floor levels.