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This is a Brutalist Fountain. I really like the design and thought process of this fountain. although it is not a building I like its form structure because when i look at this picture I see a delusion of movement .I also think the water which has also been included is very cleaver because water has its own movement of element.


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Barbican, London- An architectural and urban planning marvel. I'm enthralled by its history, its cultural impact and its ability to remain relevant over the years. Truly ahead of its time.


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#11: Barbican Arts Centre signage by Cartlidge Levene. Although this is not print design (or is it?), I thought it was excellent example of interior design/architectural design (not sure quite what field it goes in). This layout can be seen from both angles and it's eye catching due to the bright color.


Wayfinding & signage | Cartlidge Levene

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