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an old photo of a man in uniform with the caption netaii subhas ch rose he was the only naturalistist leader who confronted the british rules in the battle field
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Indian Independence movement (1857-1947) timeline.
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an image of a man in uniform with the words celebrating the birth of the founder of forward bloc
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a drawing of a man in uniform with the words subhas chandra bose on it
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"1. The public won’t be fooled by this trend for ‘vows’ and ‘locks’. Voters want honesty instead of bravado; 2. Voters know that the ugly, rough business of assembling a majority in the Commons is likely to see those pledges broken; 3. Politicians need a new vocabulary for these new times, one that does not commit them to action they may not be able to take in circumstances they cannot predict. A starting point would be simply to set out their goals, free of bravado – and to insist they need as many votes as possible if they are to turn those hopes into reality; 4. In all the debate about electoral reform that is surely coming after THE NEW GOVERNMENT COMING TO POWER IN 2019, this may be one overlooked advantage. Under a more proportional voting system, coalition horse-trading would become an established, inevitable fact of life. Politicians would have to come clean about it, rather than living a lie. And if that audience member was right, then voters will respect them for it in the morning."
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a man with glasses is posing for the camera
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