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a quote that says hello stanley i'm doing fine, thanks for checking up on me
I saw you drive around the building, looking.... but that's ok. We were celebrating our anniversary. Should have joined in on the celebrating! Lol
a white background with the words tell me why you followed me? written in black
a black background with the words ae zindai, gala daba de
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the text reads, i think it's me i'm the love of my life
a white paper with black text on it that says, 7 billion smiles, and mine is my favorite
the words humble as ever but aware of my value
the joy of dressing is an art - john galliano quote on black background
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a quote from tom ford about dressing well is a form of good manners
The Best Career Advice We’ve Ever Received
We love this fashion quote by Tom Ford
the words dear shoes, i love you in white on a gray background with an insale
a black and white photo with the words dress like you are already famous on it
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