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The Tea Shelf sources its teas directly from the tea estates in Darjeeling, Kangra, Dooars, Assam, Nilgiri and Munnar. We give you the freshest of premium, Indian teas, delivered to your door step at a click of a button.
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For all those who need a brisk awakening each morning - Enjoy a heartwarming cup of Assam Allure Tea only with TheTeaShelf.

Wondering what this New Year holds for you? Try your hands on Tasseography, an old art of reading Tea Leaves!

A combo to indulge in this Valentine’s Week! These organic rose petal infused teas are a perfect way to celebrate with your loved ones. Each combo contains.

This has been an age old conversation starter! So, let us know in your comments, how do you prefer your cup of tea?

With the crisp light of winter morning peering in, there's nothing better than starting your day with a scrumptious cup of tea!

Oxidation of Tea leaves refers to chemical reactions which convert the tea leaves into browncolour after they are plucked from the plants. Based on how much oxidation is required for a particular type of Tea, the oxidation process is initiated or prevented. This is common with all types of Teas.

The slopes span Kurseong, Pankhabari and the Hill Cart Roads. The predominantly China bushes grow at elevations of 915 metres to 1830 metres above sea level. Castleton’s teas, created from pure China bushes are exquisite and delicate. Fragrant like roses, golden like sun-spun amber, the teas are most prized for their unique ‘muscatels’, comparable to sweet summer wines, with intense fragrant top notes of musk.

Tea tasting is an art that explores the medley and quality of teas. It’s a process that starts with viewing and smelling of the tea leaves for important aspects like the bloom, texture, roll, color, and it’s right aroma!

The rise of the internet has been a godsend for farmers not just in terms of selling their products through online stores, but also in terms of cheap and fast data being made available to them. Added to the fact that farmers can now access all this on their smart-phones, the dark days of money lenders and slave labor seem to be coming to an end.

Some culinary pairings are made for each other! Well, Tea and chocolates are one of them! We love to pair our cup of Earl Grey with a Dark Chocolate with pronounced citrusy notes!Try experimenting and enjoy this interesting contrast of flavor!