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Mosaic Gond Painting - ancient tribal art from India

Suresh Dhrube, Tree Birds, 2010. This artist did a solo exhibition in Bharat Bhawan Gallery in 2007.

Exploring India Folk and Tribal Art: Gond Painting step by step

Desktop1 Exploring the Gond style of Folk Art age7 10 age5 7 Folk Crafts

Elephants (Gond art) - Gond art is a form of tribal art developed by the Gonds of central India.

Gond paintings are paintings done by 'Gond tribe' from Madhyapradesh. They use dots and small lines to fill the space. As they live in jungles the subjects of painting are Animals, trees, their gods etcs. They use colours prpared from vegetables/flowers(v…

Gond painting

Gond Art - Gareeba Singh Tekam

Gond Art - Gareeba Singh Tekam