Tipu Sultan (TheTiger of Mysore) November 1750 to May 1799 was the ruler of the Sultanate of Mysore. He was the son of Hyder Ali, at that time an officer in the Mysorean army, and his second wife, Fatima or Fakhr-un-Nissa. During Tipu's childhood, his father rose to take power in Mysore, and Tipu became rule of the kingdom upon his father's death. In addition to his role as ruler, he was a scholar, soldier, and poet. He was murdered by the British in 1799 and his palace (Seringapata) was…

Robe c1650-99 - painted cotton, India. NOT designed for European market. Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Maharajkumar Yeshwantrao Holkar and his sister Maharajkumari Manoramaraje of Indore as kids

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