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a mushroom sitting on top of a purple base
a white mouse hanging from a red and white christmas ornament
Vintage home decorations✨
Needle Felted Holiday Decor: Delightful and handcrafted ornaments that bring festive cheer to any home. These adorable creations are made with wool fibers and intricate needle felting techniques, adding a touch of warmth and whimsy to your holiday celebrations. 🎄🎁
This rare exceptional decorative recycled butterfly wall mount gives a warm touch to your home ✨
This rare decorative Recycled Rooster figure is an instant Collectible.
This Doe with Ornaments Decorative is environmentally kind and adds elegance ✨
a blue and gold rabbit figurine sitting on its hind legs
This rare decorative recycled gold bunny figure is an instant collectible. ✨
Vintage looking Hamsa this idiophone will fill your living space with nature’s resonance.
a figurine of a rabbit holding a carrot
This elegant recycled rabbit eating carrot 🌟
a wooden reindeer ornament with antlers on it's head and red nose
Recycled Seated Deer Figurine This rare decorative iron figure is an instant collectible ✨
Use this pretty Rabbit Shaped LEDLamp outdoors or indoors to illuminate a place with it ✨
a gold candle holder with two candles in the shape of a person holding one hand
A vintage design which gives you soft warm glow and an aesthetic feel ✨
three heart shaped ornaments hanging from strings on a white background with the colors of the rainbow
Hanging Heart Bauble to get a more aesthetic look in your house 💕✨
Preserving the rare craft of recycling metals and wood into useful objects to get a vintage look ✨
a gold crescent and star charm hanging on a blue wall
Sustainable vintage crescent Ghantada Bell for you to fill your space with nature's resonance 🌙