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We take so may #things for granted. Have #faith and Thank #God everyday for the things you do have in your #life. Don’t #worry about what you think you should have.


When you are richer than you think?

There are a day that I get up and felt like I was #suffering with my #migraine headache. Thank to The #Lord for giving me the #strength each morning to get up everyday to get my #work done. ~ #ChristyPham


No matter how good or bad your life is

#Forgiveness is often a #lengthy process in #itself, not just a word. Saying sorry is accepting your half of the problem and taking #responsibility for your own #behavior. I know some who just never see the mistakes they make and therefore are hard to #forgive. ~ #DianeDacko


The Best form of Love

Thanking them when others are so down on you and they are there for you no matter what. ~ #LindaSue


One of the best gifts you can give someone

People always #forget who was actually there for them when they needed a helping hand, but, it’s ok, always help those in need, that way #God will help you, when you are in need. ~ #EvelynRosanna


Never forget who was there for you when no one else was

Some forget where they come from. #Gratitude, patience, #humility and shared #blessings (character). Some want more and cry poor. I’m yet to meet a person who is truly #happy from greed. There everything’s mean nothing. Life is a mere mist to make count. ~ #WalHall


Two things define you

It’s better to be #thankful for all the little things that I am still, able to do, rather than stress over so many #things that my body does not allow me to do, anymore! ~ #MaryLouCarr

Don’t get stressed over what you can’t control

Some might find it uplifting to be able to help someone else, when they are unable to change their own #circumstances. Not to give up on #life entirely, may be their #salvation. The people that know best about #pain are those that #suffer. ~ #Fran Gallegos

When is your greatest test in life?