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Denise Macfarlane
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Denise Macfarlane

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4-Ingredients Vegan Bounty Bars

Did you know you can actually make your own bounty bars at home? Homemade vegan bounty bars are super easy to make and only require 4 healthy ingredients!

5 ingredients sugar-free vegan bountys

These easy vegan coconut bountys balls covered in chocolate are completely dairy-free, gluten-free, and contain no refined sugar.

Spider Plants are great indoor plants for removing carbon monoxide and other toxins. Spider plants are one of three plants NASA deems best at removing formaldehyde from air.

How to Care for a Peace Lily Plant

Peace Lilly ♥ Does best out of direct sunlight, so place this in a dark spot in your home! ♥ They are a beautiful addition to your home and they clean the air! ♥♥♥

10 Best Plants to Purify and Lower Stress

Decorating with Nature

Rubber Tree | Heart Leafed Philodendron | Staghorn Fern | Fiddle Leaf Fig | Aloe Plant | Monstera Deliciosa/”Cottage Cheese Plant” | Zamioculcas/”ZZ Plant” | Golden Pothos | Snake Plant | String of Pearls | Banana Plant |

99 Great Ideas to display Houseplants

The role of houseplants for healthy indoor climate is indisputable. Potted plants provide a lively atmosphere and can transform your home into a green oasis. This is a well-known fact. What do you think about yourself? Do you also have beautiful houseplants at home? And if not, why? We want to put you on the idea that houseplants make the living space more comfortable, breathable and luxurious.