Mother's Day (May)

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Sorting and counting bottles for maths and fine motor play.

Sort and Count Maths Bottles - The Imagination Tree

Use old bottles and pom poms for simple counting and sorting maths games and motor skills fun! With lots of ways to play and learn, these are a great addition to the maths area at home or school. Welcome to another Playful Maths activity, part of a series being co-hosted with Learn with Play at...Read More »

Toddler Footprint Butterflies - Great Mothers Day Gift

Toddler Footprint Butterflies - Mother's Day Gift Idea

With Mother's Day approaching, I have been thinking about things to make for my Mom and Grandmas. Each year, I like to do something new with the kids and create a unique, one-of-a-kind, gift for

20 of the Cutest Homemade Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

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1. Breakfast in Bed in a Bag 2. Handprint Cards 3. Word Art 4. Handprint Flower 5. Sweet and Simple Mother’s Day Vase … 6. Descriptive Writing Ice Cream Cone 7. I Love You Because Booklet 8. Handprint Bouquet 9. Purse Poems 10. Tissue Paper Flowers in Terra Cotta Pot … 11. Fingerprint Flower Poem …

Have the kids make one of these ideas for Mom for a great gift idea! 25 Mother’s Day Crafts & DIY Gifts

25 Mother's Day Crafts & DIY Gifts - A Spectacled Owl

Mother's Day is a special day when we get to show our Mom's, Grandmother's or Mother figure's how much they have meant to our lives. This year, I really want

Nothing beats a kid made gift for Mother's Day.  Here are 20 moms are sure to LOVE!  Could use before mothers day in the classroom

Gifts for Mom

We moms love homemade gifts from our children .

Mothers Day Crafts for Kids - Parent Teach Play

Mother's Day Crafts for Kids - Parent Teach Play

Here are 5 cute and simple crafts for Mother's Day that kids can make themselves! Handprint art, poem cards, chalkboard flower pots, and even dyed flowers!

Mother’s Day Craft for Kids: DIY Mother’s Day Tea Cup Pin Cushion

Mother's Day Craft for Kids: DIY Mother's Day Tea Cup Pin Cushion

This great Mother's Day craft for kids requires a little help from a grown-up, but when it's done, it's perfect for moms who love to sew!

Homemade Mother's Day Gift Idea: Spring Mason Jar Candy Holder

Homemade Mother's Day Gift Idea: Spring Mason Jar Candy Holder

Homemade Mother's Day Gift Idea: Spring Mason Jar Candy Holder With Mother's Day right around the corner, I have been dabbling with some homemade gift ideas. I always like to add a personal touch gift to my mom's annual gift, and this year is no different. For the last 'Canning Challenge' post, I decided to go with an inexpensive DIY post-introducing my ' Spring Mason Jar Candy Holder'-the perfect gift or decor item! I always have plenty of crafting supplies on hand at any given time so this…

Mother’s Day Kid’s Craft: Picture Candle Holder

Mother's Day Kid's Craft: Picture Candle Holder

I can't believe that Mother's Day is only a month away. And while I personally feel that everyday should celebrate moms, I'm glad that there is one day a year where hopefully our hubbies and kids give us relaxation time and show us how appreciated we are. So, the boys and I have started working on Mother's Day crafts - just little items that they can give to their grandmas or even me! And today, MillerBug help me put together a Candle Holder that has pictures of him and J-Man all over it. It…

Cute DIY Hand Print Mother’s Day Crafts

Cute DIY Hand Print Mother’s Day Crafts

Create cute hand print Mother's Day crafts so you an always remember just how little your child was once upon a time!

Homemade Craft Gift Ideas For Mothers Day

Homemade Craft Gift Ideas For Mothers Day

View family holiday's Homemade Craft Gift Ideas For Mothers Day collection. Creative Mother's Day Homemade Craft Ideas For Mothers Day can be given as gifts.

Mother's Day Popsicle Stick Flower Craft via

Mother's Day Craft: Popsicle Stick Flowers

If you're still looking for that perfect Mother's Day craft, look no further! Because you know moms think that their kiddos are the cutest thing around. And with very little effort you can incorporate your child's face into a fun craft that is sure to bring mom tons of joy! And since this flower blooms year round, she's sure to get the good out of it! So, get out your supplies and get ready to create a Popsicle Stick flower with the cutest little center you've ever seen! What You Will Need…

Clothes Pin Flower Pot via

Mother's Day Craft: Clothes Pin Flower Pot

With Mother's Day less than 3 weeks away, we kicking our present creation mode into high gear! And I know you all know how much I LOVE clothes pins. So, the other day when I saw the idea of creating a flower pot out of clothes pins at my son's school, I knew I had to do it! But I wanted to make it more Springy. And cheerful. So, I put together this colorful clothes pin flower pot that would make a lovely Mother's Day present! What You Will Need An Empty Peanut Jar (or something similar in…

Mothers Day Crafts: Flowers on a Budget #DIY #Crafts

Mother's Day Crafts: Flowers on a Budget - A Spectacled Owl

Here are 3 ways to give Mom those beautiful flowers but not break the bank doing it! Mother's Day Crafts: Flowers on a Budget

craft for mother's day for kids to make

Jedi Craft Girl

I needed a quick & low-cost Mother's Day craft for 3rd grade. Here is what I came up with. It was fun & crazy at the same time...