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Collection by Despina Spyridaki

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This was sculpted out of marble ಠ_ಠ

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graceful marble sculpture Cicero D’Avila - Cariatide Ruiv Sculptures Céramiques, Art Sculpture, Rodin, Carpeaux, Steinmetz, D Avila, Life Drawing, Art Plastique, Oeuvre D'art

Cícero D'Avila - "Cariátide Ruiva"

Hi, This is the first project in wich I’m working with the help of the technology. The piece was previously modeled with water based clay. Then a plaster cast was taken from the clay model and it has been scanned and I…

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Kitchen Designed for Comfort

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drawpaintprint: “ Three female figures, ca. Late Helladic IIIA Mycenaean Terracotta Metropolitan Museum of Art: “ Most of the clay figurines made on mainland Greece in the late. Mycenaean, Minoan, Venus, Objets Antiques, Ancient Greek Art, Ancient Greece, Egyptian Art, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Egypt

3 Terracotta female figures | Helladic, Mycenaean | Late Helladic IIIA | The Met

Period: Late Helladic IIIA. Date: ca. 1400–1300 B.C.. Culture: Helladic, Mycenaean. Medium: Terracotta. Dimensions: 35.11.16: H. 4 1/4 in. (10.8 m)35.11.1...

Art history greek sculpture for essays History 110 E & F Greek Sculpture, Idealism, & Realism Essay Assignment What were the different phases of ancient Greek Art? There were many phases from Ancient History, Art History, History Major, History Memes, History Facts, Statue Art, Empire Romain, Art Ancien, Art Premier

The Ancient World

Statuette of Nike (personification of victory), late 5th century b.c.; Classical Greek Terracotta

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Collection of Cycladic Figurines, from the Cycladic Islands, Marble, 2300 BC (Early Bronze Age), British Museum ---conical collection. style: folded arms, standing on toes, long noses - they come in all sizes. Usually found in graves. Purpose unknown. Look to be made for lying down. All conical shaped figurines are female. Large figurine is pregnant, and some have lines across their stomachs to show child birth.

Cycladic Figurine of a Woman, 2500 BC Sculpture , Statuette (pre- Greek art) Ancient Greek Art, Ancient Greece, Ancient History, Art History, Statues, Harvard Art Museum, Art Premier, Minoan, Art Sculpture

From the Harvard Art Museums’ collections Cycladic Figurine of a Woman

Harvard Art Museums

Hellenistic Greek Head of a Young Girl, Century BC, Terracotta, eTiquities by Phoenix Ancient Art Ancient Greek Art, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Hellenistic Art, Hellenistic Period, Roman Sculpture, Sculpture Art, Art Roman, Art Ancien

Hellenistic Greek Head of a Young Girl | 2nd Century BC | Price $0.00 | Greek, Hellenistic Greek | Terracotta | Sculpture

A Marble Bust of the Athena Giustiniani, Roman Imperial, circa Century A. after a Greek original of the late Century B. Ancient Greek Art, Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Ancient Greece, Roman Sculpture, Art Sculpture, Roman Artifacts, Ancient Artifacts, Statues

Randomitus - ancientart: Ancient Roman The Lansdowne Bust of...

ancientart: Ancient Roman The Lansdowne Bust of...

Venus of Milos (Aphrodite of Milos) ★ Ancient greek sculpture ★ currently in Louvre. Ancient Greek Sculpture, Ancient Greek Art, Greek Statues, Ancient Greece, Aphrodite, Architecture Classique, Art Et Architecture, Hellenistic Art, Greek And Roman Mythology - Domain gecatcht

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The life-size marble statue known as the "Barberini Faun" or Drunken Satyr is on display at the Glyptothek Museum, Munich --> I'd like it moved to sit atop my grave when I'm gone. Ancient Greek Sculpture, Ancient Greek Art, Ancient Greece, Roman Sculpture, Sculpture Art, Chef D Oeuvre, Oeuvre D'art, Greek History, Art History

The Barberini Faun or Drunken Satyr, Greek late third or early second century BC. Glyptothek Munich.