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My Bf got his Thumb Painted to Match my Vacation Nails!! 😍
He's literally the sweetest!!!
a painting of a red heart with blue eyes and eyelashes on it's face
Pin by Lizbethjimenez on Guardado rápido | Hippie painting, Mini canvas art, Diy canvas art painting
Couple Goals
My BF usually paints his thumb to match my nail set 🥰 I love him soooo much
some candles are laying on a pink sheet
someone is holding a wedding cake in their hand
How to Turn Your Wedding Cake Into an Ornament
a person holding up a photo with the letter t on it and an i love you note attached to it
24+ Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas For Boyfriend
a pumpkin with a cat's head carved into it
Cat pumpkin carving.
Body Painting Learning, #fails, Cute, Adult, Basic, Fails, Life, Parenthood, 40th
Body Painting