Mandala Flower - want to make this

For the Mandala flower, here is a step-by-step photo gallery. To do this you start at step 1 with 7 strings attached and 6 with Einhängeschlingen on 7 folded thread. Other threads are then inserted by most of us with an ordinary shoelace knot.

desenho de borboleta

Satin Stitch Embroidery on a Crazy Quilting Block. /used a very thin machine thread starting with a chain stitch in the upper parts then back stitch and a small stab at the end

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Красивые джинсовые сумки.

сумки своими руками

stumpwork blackberry

Today I finally had a go at creating a simple beaded berry slip and, as I took photos of the whole process, I thought you'd enjoy shari.