This is a creative effect done with at least 2 photos. The opacity of the hands has clearly been decreased and it looks as if the hands are over the eyes, although the eyes could be separate from the original photo.

Faces: Photos by Diana Chyrzynska Photo-manipulated series of self portraits. - this would be good for a idea of what I would like mine to look like - it also cool as the hands represent the face with eyes and lips.

mosaic photo - very interesting yet simple for lower El.

Paper and photoshop Mosaic Photo self portraiture. Taking photos of your face at different angles, different closeness and then collating them in different places and repeating.

Ghost (Natasha Poly: Multiple Exposure) by Marco...

Ghost (Natasha Poly: Multiple Exposure) by Marco Brambilla 2009 (via boyghost)

Saad Moosajee Self Portrait

It’s time for a brand new inspiration gallery packed with top-notch illustration, paintings and drawings.