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Guess how many balloons in the car? Even better if its the headmaster's car, the vicar's car, the team mini-bus etc


Simple Ideas For Fundraising Activities At Your Village Fete / School Fair

We did boat races with water squirters. The kids always get so competitive with each other.


My Mix of Six: A Run In

A fete idea that always goes with a BANG!! There is a paper message inside each balloon. Contestants throw a dart to pop a balloon and see if they have won a prize.


Carnival Theme or Circus Theme Party - DIY Inspired

Simple Fundraiser- double decker - have two packs of same cards - lay down one pack and put prizes on top most have boobie prizes such as sweets, balloons, party favours but one or two have big prizes like box of chocolates or money or bubble bath. People buy a card from corresponding down turned deck, they then turn card over and match to upturned deck to win that prize


Simple Fundraising Idea - Double Decker

This coconut shy contains everything from the coconuts to the bucket of balls. 6 metal yellow and red striped rods are easily pushed into the ground. A surrounding red and white canopy with matching bunting and beautifully hand painted traditional signs. Hire all this for £70

Coconut shy - Deluxe game

Lob a choc. Blocks of chocolate sit on chicken wire covering a box. Players throw coins at the chocolate, if their coin lands on a block they win it. If not the coins fall through the chicken wire into the box below. A great money spinner!

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Julie Fisher

Beat the Buzzer Game - perfect for a village fete style wedding or party! Can you get round the wire without setting the buzzer off?

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