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R Programming

DexLab Analytics is proud to open up the opportunities that Big Data and related technologies hold for enthusiasts.
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Are you keeping up with R? Here are a few free PDFs and online resources


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Dexlab Analytics

#‎Rprogramming‬ can give all the right answers to all data management problems, given the fact that the ‪#‎datascientist‬ asks the right question. To put it in a nutshell, R stands for the Right choice in data mining. Learn R programming to be right as data is seldom wrong unless the eye looking at them is!


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Brush up on some R features like graphics, vectorization, and magic and also know the common mistakes in R with our latest blog on R programming. And if you really want to muster R programming then choose from the best of #R #language #training #in #Delhi.

Predictive Modeling Training Institute | Graphics, Magic and Vectorization in R Programming

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Packages That make Life Easier for R Users

That is why we discovered a list of packages for R users that help save their time as well as efforts. To learn more about these nifty packages read the latest blog from DexLab Analytics, the premiere #R #language #training #institute.

Packages That make Life Easier for R Users

#Rlanguage #training can help you develop your datafication skills with the ability to perform proper #data #analysis to deem your company’s data as an asset more than a liability.

Is Data an Asset or Liability - DexLab Analytics | Big Data Hadoop SAS R Analytics Predictive Modeling & Excel VBA

#PredictiveModel Creation Techniques to Avoid

The Worst Techniques To Build A Predictive Model

What Businesses Stand to Gain From #RProgramming

The Advantage of R Programming for Businesses

What #Programming /statistics languages you used for an #analytics / #datascience work?

Python Vs R- Which You Want To Learn First

#‎Rprogramming‬ can seem like an overly complex language initially due to all the unique syntax that is quite different from other programming ‪#‎languages‬. With a comprehensive course in R from ‪#‎DexLabAnalytics‬ all such confusion will be clarified for good.

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Gurgaon | गुडगाँव

R is a programming language that is not only holding ground but also gaining on it, to speak figuratively. Ananta Ray discovered the possibilities of #RProgramming much to the delight of the prospects of his #career which undoubtedly is a bright one.

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