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HJ:STORY - LOVE IS . Each time I get angry. I feel guilty a few second later seeing her sad face O__O [Illustration - Cute - Funny]

“Most of these drawings simply illustrate brief moments or stories in our lives, but sometimes they try to capture what can’t easily be expressed in words” HJS This was a piece made for HJ-Story & 2 Kickstarter Campaign. Just thought to.

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We went on a trip to Shanghai before we started dating, and this is a picture drawn base on a photograph we took 🙂

A long time HJS supporter Philina, commissioned me for this drawin. It was a gift for her bf, celebrating their love and growing together. It was a pleasure and had lots of fun drawing it :)

HJ-Story ~ Love is.

HJ Story - Even when you’re not with me… I feel your presence.

You brighten up muy life.

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Who doesn't love morning kisses and breakfast?

Book of Love by hjstory

HJ-Story :: Love is.