Vishwakarma is visualized as the Ultimate reality in the Rig Veda, from whose navel all visible things emanate. The same imagery is seen in Yajurveda purusha sukta, where the divine smith Tvastar originates from Vishwakarma.This concept developed later in the puranic period as Padmanabha. As he is invoked as AJA the unborn , he is the primordial personification of the upanishadic abstract concept Parabrahman.

Shri Shri Hariharmilan Chore Bagan Art Studio, Calcutta, c. 1890 (via facebook: Om from India)

Goddess Shakti... The divine feminine power who is one half of Lord Shiva and is responsible for the manifestation of all mattter and energy in the universe. Shiva is latent energy, the potential source of all cosmic powers. Shakti is dynamic force which releases and converts the energy to matter and the elements. Lord Brahma took the elements and created the planet Earth and all its species. Shiva alongwith Shakti wield the greatest power. Lord Vishnu is the presever and protector…

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