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10 Interesting Facts About Buddha (Infographic)

Be patient. Everything comes in the right moment.

Top 10 quotes from Meditation Master Shakyamuni Buddha to inspire meditation,wisdom, peace and love.

I have an absolute deep love for Shiva

Yoga takes you close to your true nature. with its techniques helps you to harmonize with nature. Peace is our very nature, and yoga leads you to inner peace.

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. (BTW CS Lewis never said this and Walter M. Miller, Jr wrongly claims it. Earliest written form that I could find with a quick google search was 1892. I think -"unknown" fits in this case)

Regular meditation has had life altering benefits for me. As has learning more about Buddhism, attachment and the mind/body.

shiva shakti

Tantric Dance - Geoglyphiks “The Tantric Dance is inspired by the union of Feminine and Masculine power. As we dance the story of our lives, may this piece inspire your inner balance of masculine and.

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Rainbow Chakras - Levels of Human & Soul Consciousness of Growth Pinned from meditation board


With preparations for Maha Shivaratri in full swing - the holiest dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Visit Varanasi his sacred abode and witness the grand event. Dates: February

Om Gananaam tva Ganapati Gum Havamahe Kavimkaveenaa mupamashravastamam Jyestharajam Brahmanaam Brahmanaspata Aana shrunvanootibhi seedhasadhanam Maha Ganapataye Namah. May we worship Ganapati, the Protector of Noble People The best Poet, the Most Honourable, The Greatest Ruler and the treasure of all knowledge. O Ganapati, please listen to us and take your seat in our heart.

On this Ganesh Chaturthi, May Lord Ganesha come to your house and Take away all your worries and sorrows and Give you peace, happiness, health and prosperity Wishing you a Very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your families Take care and have a nice day


The Buddha raised his right hand to draw attention to their own bickering and asked them what was ore important; water, or their family relations?


"Let us live in the peace and harmony of love among those who are confused in hate. Among those who hate, let us live without hatred." ~ The Buddha - Dhammapada 🙏 lis

A small Buddha Painting: Yellow / Magenta with gold bronze. Oil and acrylic on wood - 21 x 29 cm. (8:27 x 11:42 inches)

A small Buddha Painting: Yellow / Magenta with gold bronze. Oil and acrylic on wood - 21 x 29 cm.

To describe Cryptik’s art in a nutshell, it would be: Occident meets Orient, cool Western art displaying protagonists and symbols of the Eastern world. His whole Cryptik Movement is based on the idea of opening the spectators (third) eyes and to change the consciousness to think of other possibilities. http://www.lostateminor.com/2012/09/19/eastern-philosophy-street-art-by-cryptik/

Eastern philosophy street art by Cryptik