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an abstract painting with many different colors and lines on it's sides, including the image
Can honestly say does all of these... Except cook, yeah that one hasn't happened yet lol. But that's okay :)
an advertisement with the words'we're teenagers'written in black and white
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teenagers :P
a poem that reads i'm a gemini, there are two sides to me and it's part of my package deal
Home - Zodiac City
"I’m A Gemini!"…. Words from a Gemini. (BTW, to whoever wrote this - it's gold medal, NOT gold metal.)
a quote from venus williams on the subject of her book, my first job is big sister and i take that very seriously
lushquotes -
Venus Williams My first job is big sister and I take Quote
a woman in a wedding dress standing next to a flowery bed with white sheets
Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner Wedding Dresses : Spring 2014 Bridal Collection Highlights — Sponsor Highlight | Wedding Inspirasi | Page 2
a woman wearing a wedding dress and veil
Classically Beautiful Wedding: Bow Ties, Diamonds & Roses
I am allowing myself one sad breakup quote on Pinterest and this is it. Break Up Quotes, Lang Leav, Broken Hearts, Motiverende Quotes, Up Quotes, Losing Someone, Breakup Quotes, Visual Statements, E Card
I am allowing myself one sad breakup quote on Pinterest and this is it.
a poster with some words on it and birds in the sky above them, including an image of a woman standing next to a tree
She Believed She Could... So She DID!
live without fear
a red and yellow poster with the words i can't keep calm, i keep missing my best friend
Please just one day, one hour, one minute...I miss you so much ...I just want to talk to you again.... ,
there is a wall decal that says because i have a battle, i always have a friend
Because I Have Brother I Always Have Friend Boy Room Kid Baby Nursery Vinyl Decor Art Quote Decal Wall Decoration Lettering Sticker K18 - Etsy
When we were little, we drove each other crazy, but now that we are older, he is cool!
a woman in a wedding dress is holding her hand on her hip as she poses for the camera
Wedding Dresses
a poem written in black and white with the words, you're not perfect
Quotes about Relationship and Love
Quotes about Relationship and Love