Creepy Crawly Towers

How to make a mini wildlife stack for your garden

photo by John (itsjustanalias) - stuff arranged to attract bees & insect army - at the Rodley nature reserve in England.

squaredoor: image: Where to grow your insect army, a solitary bee house? Gaurdian article in defense of the solitary bee, who are vital pollinators and whose future is jeopardised by many of the same problems as the honey bee❤️

Bug Hotels---Because solitary bees have no hive to defend, they are not aggressive, they rarely, if ever, sting.

Insect Hotels Provide a home to pollinators and pest controllers. Tidy gardens, lawns and lack of dead wood, mean less and less habitat for wild bees, spiders and ladybugs. Here are all kinds of insect hotels that you could make.

Insect hotel  - maybe encourage some predators to the veggie garden

How to build an insect hotel - Great project to improve your garden by providing a home for beneficial insects.