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Slow Cooker Recipes For Beginners | Ingredients | Facebook
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Suzanne Somers: Corned Beef & Cabbage Recipe | In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day we’re sharing Suzanne’s simple and delicious recipe for Corned Beef & Cabbage. Don’t forget her secret ingredient! 🍀... | By Suzanne Somers | Okay, from icy, cold, southern California. It's the Suzanne Summer Show and here she is. Is our tribute to Saint Patrick's Day which is tomorrow but I thought I would teach you how to make real corned beef and cabbage so that you can start it tomorrow morning and have it for your dinner tomorrow night so top of the morning to you okay and happy Saint Patty's Day which is always a fun day and we've got green it's that easy being green also our friend Denise Finnegan. Okay. Yes. Who's probably watching? Irish Colleen gave us this bottle of Irish whiskey. Yeah. So I'm going to have to have a slug of that tonight too. So I've never tasted whiskey in my life. No do you want to do a first time? I don't. I don't. And I've never had a beer. Uh other than tonight. I cooked my corned beef and cabbage in beer. Yes I did. And that to me is the secret to yummy yummy yummy So, we're going to have dinner with you here in the kitchen and while we're at it, we've got some great discounts on because it's Kiss Me on Irish night. I hope you'll kiss me tonight, Al and we've got beautiful lipsticks and lip balm and lip scrub and another kind of lip balm. So, it's all about the Kissing Irish and hello, Caroline. Caroline's in Italy. You know with Caroline being in Italy in Florence, my favorite city in all of Europe. Um it shows you how small the world has become but it doesn't matter. I think what is it? Like two o'clock two o'clock in the morning there for you? It's one o'clock now that you guys had daylight savings. Oh right. Oh right. I know I came down from my physical therapy session today and I I do it on FaceTime with him because he's in Mexico and he was at the and he went no I've got you at eleven I said it's eleven and I went oh you're not on daylight savings this morning at 6 o'clock we're always up at six o'clock, it was pitch black it was scary and now what is it it's five o'clock it you know it's like you can still be lying by the pool right now although today yeah it looks nice you got a longer day you had a longer day but I'll tell you it was so cold when I came down from my physical therapy session I actually thought putting on you know that fur hat I have that has the fur flaps that you wear when it's really really cold when you're back east I thought of wearing it was that cold my ears were cold my knees were cold where I had ripped jeans on and I had a jacket on all day really really cold so the mountains are all covered in snow here today and I think the sun's out but the the breeze picks up the snow on the top of the mountains and brings it down on the desert floor oh come on in Al Okay. Alright. So. You like you like us Irish women don't you? I do. Yeah. Actually I've had a few I've known a few in my life. You almost was an **** just now. No I know I I wasn't trying to be an **** I know you. I know. I know. I know. So in honor of Saint Patrick's Day. Okay. Oh. With this bottle of Irish. Our friend Denise. Alright. I'm going to honor our neighbors in Mexico with tequila. And I'm going to do something that I've only done once before in my life. Oh my god. Are you going to do? At? Yeah. Oh my god. Huh? That will make you drunk, won't it? No. No? No. Men men are heavy intolerant. No, I've never seen you drunk. I've seen you sloppy. I don't find that amazing at all. Okay. Okay. Okay. So, what do I say? Top of, no, I don't say top of the morning. What do you say? I don't know. How That it's nice to be married to an Ingrish woman. Nice to be married to an Ingrish woman. Yes. Okay. Bottoms up. Okay. Bottoms up. Okay. Whoa. Let the games begin. Oh. That's going to hurt. We're all going to see an album that none of us have ever seen before tonight. Okay. These are the faces I made when the intruder came in. Anyway, oh it was so fun making corned corned beef and cabbage. Now, here's what I did and we've got a tutorial up that Carolina. I think you'll put it up tomorrow, right? Tomorrow morning or tonight? No, it's already, the recipe is already posted. Oh, yeah. Okay. Today. Okay. And the the actual recipe is posted and linked right on this post so you can just go to the top of Suzanne's page when we're promoting the show today and you can click on the link to the recipe. Okay. So, I put in the slow cooker at 10 o'clock this morning and around two o'clock this afternoon is when I put in the potatoes and the cabbage because you don't want that to get overcooked so I'm going to like take it out right now First of all, can you come in close on this app? Uh Oh, alright. That's close enough. Yeah. You'll be able to see. Okay. Alright. I just turned it down because it was sort of bubbling over it. This is my old summer size slow cooker that we sold on home shopping that you all still have and love of Now, this is all been cooking in dark beer and gluten-free beer. What what was that first thing you put? What is that? That's cabbage. Okay. Corned beef and cabbage. Okay. Okay. Hey, that shot of Irish whiskey is sure feeling good. Can you feel it already? Yeah, it feels good. Yeah, it warm you up. Yeah, it's warming me up. Yeah. I'm thinking about another one. Oh my. Am I going to have a good time tonight or a bad time? It depends if I can stay awake. I know. Yeah that's If I could step away you can stay awake. I have my head on the kitchen table when you call. Oh my gosh. You're such a your work ethic is so great. Well it's worth it to be here. That's for sure. It's unbelievably beautiful. Great. Even in in lockdown hey Sue Ann Green said I absolutely love the gut renew. My skin is better and my stomach is flattered. Alright I'm so glad Suzanne. Yeah I heard from somebody today about Gut Renew. And they kept me on the phone for 20 minutes. Really? Yeah talk talking about well you know of. Uh huh. It's someone that I've here's the corned beef. Look how perfectly this is. Alright your platter looks beautiful. Can you see this corned beef? Yeah. How beautiful it is? Yeah. Uh I can get it out. Here, do you want me to help you? Yeah, I still have nerve damage on this hand and I just need you to lift this. I'll be happy to help you. Thank you. Oh, it's the whiskey talking. Lift it. Okay. Okay. Here. Don't flip it. I want it to go right in the center. Okay. Okay. I think that look perfect and then there's some more in there. I want to get it out now. Some more beef? There yeah there's one last piece. Put it right here. Make the platter real free. Okay, I can do the rest. Good. And then I'll talk it down with all of you there you know you'll see the recipe but I'll talk it down with you so you just see how simple this is and it's not exactly the way our mothers made it and with all due respect to my wonderful beautiful sweet mother wasn't she Ellen she was the sweetest oh my god so much of Chrissy Snow I based on my mother because my mother I'll tell you I'll tell you classic Marion Mahomes which was my mother. Um she said one night what time is midnight mass? I said mother. Brother. Okay so what I did was I took the brisket. I mean the corned beef. It's a grass fed organic. And I put it in the bottom of the slow cooker. Then I poured a bottle of a gluten-free beer. Didn't have to be gluten free. I don't know why I did it because no it's because it's gluten free for me. Yeah. But then I put the bottle of the dark beer in because I like the flavor of the beer. That's the Guinness's stout. Right. Yeah. So with that with the with the beer in there then I cut up one whole yellow onion and quartered it. So here they are right here. And I put the carrots in because they could last in there all day and then I put it I brought it to I put on high to bring it to a boil took a couple of hours for it to start bubbling oh and pickling spice where's my picklings well, pickling spice you can get anywhere at the market. I should have it out and I don't and before the night is over, I'll find it for you and all day long, this property here has smelled so amazing with all the pickling spice and the corned beef and then at around two o'clock, I put the potatoes whole but you can use rusted potatoes. If you use russet potatoes which is more classic, cut them in half and then, I put one cap cabbage cut into wedges and then cooked it in a little more beer for until just now. I just look at look at isn't that beautiful? It is beautiful. Don't you want that? I do. Yeah. I I think. And then of course of course of course you've got to serve it with yellow mustard. That's right. Not dijon or poop bar. That's right. Any of that. No. Yellow mustard and I found organic yellow mustard. Wow. Cuz whenever you can get organic it's always going to be better. Right. Okay. Alright. What you need to do Alan. Yeah. Is get our two plates. Okay. Uh cut the corned beef which is going to cut like with a fork. Okay. Serve us. I want you to take a look at this if you all can see that. Can you see it? Can you see that? Yes. It looks amazing. Yeah. Yeah. So simple. So simple. Okay. And it's not a dinner that you really want to have. Often. I don't know why. It's sort of fun on Saint Patrick's Day and it's sort of fun to have it once or twice a year which is what we so here we go. Okay. I'm I'm actually really excited about eating this. I wonder if I need the electric knife. Oh now look. Look. Just comes across. I mean, you can do whatever you want but I do whatever you want. Far be it from me to tell you. Whatever I want. Whatever you want. I always say that too. You you have good instincts and so whatever you do, we'll be right. Well, let me try it first of all. Alright. Alright. Yeah. And and while they're while they're serving the the corned beef and cabbage We do have a Kissman Irish sale going on today. So everything at Suzanne Summers. com is 25 percent off and the promo code is Irish twenty-five. Wow. Hopefully you could all see that. Beautiful. And if you don't know of our lipstick colors, the one I always wear that you always like is caramelized peach and then I put honey glow over it. Isn't that beautiful? Look at that. Perfectly cooked. Oh Here, let me hold the Play Doh. I'll hold the plate closer to you. Oh gosh. Oh that's so beautiful. You want another slice? I don't know. I think that's enough. So, for starters, don't you? Yeah. Yeah. So, this will be for you. I love good food, don't we all? Yeah. Okay. Now, a little bit of that and a little bit of that. Potato. Mm hmm. Potatoes over here and the carrots the carrots. The colors are good too, aren't they? Yeah. And here's little cabbage. Cabbage. Cabbage. And you want to make sure you get a little bit of onion. Okay where's the there's there's some onion and there's some onion. Okay. It's sort of disintegrated in there but it taste good. Okay. In within the bites. Do you see the pickling spice kind of. Yeah. Floating around in there. And then what I like to do with the potato is smash it open. Okay. And then a smooshish of yellow mustard. Mmm. Yum. But you're going to get to eat during the show today Suzanne. I think I am. I think that I am. It's okay. And then yellow mustard. I would love to be sharing this with all of you but I thought if we posted the recipe today that then you would know that how easy it would be for you to be able to get it tomorrow and all this will be available in your grocery store because it's Saint Patrick's Day Okay. So, what are some of your favorite things about being Irish and coming from an Irish family? Well, thank you for asking. Here's to my Irish wife. Mm hmm. And my Irish family. Mm hmm. And here's to all my friends in Ireland. Mm hmm. Especially the chef at Place. That was fun. To decide a little bit. Okay. Share the camera. Okay. Okay. Alright. Okay. Okay. The whiskey has gone to his head or anything. Here's to all of you on Saint Patrick's Day. I've only done this once in my life and I only have one. This is my second one. Oh my god. So we're going to do that again? So, there's two. Oh my god. I've never seen. Okay. Okay. You gotta be smashed by now. Oh my god. It's still a little left here. Alright. So, let's see you sit down and take your food. Let's get a little food in this guy. Oh my god. Okay. Alright, here's your food, Al. Take this over to your plate. I can't hold it with that ham. You're sitting here. Um what do I love about being Irish? You know what I mean? I think you should be sitting over alright but mine it doesn't matter they're both the same plates you have to okay no but I know but they're exact same things on both plates no but if we're going to be on camera oh I see what you mean I didn't understand so what I like about being Irish is the Irish are funny and maybe that my ability to be on sitcoms and be funny was part in part because of my Irish background but there's a rhythm to Irish humor that I like. Oops. I just lost my. Your ear? My ear. Oh, okay. Oh, it's okay. Okay and what else do I like about being Irish? I don't know. It creates a great family. It's like Italian families, Irish families. It's kind of fun when we're all together and when we were young, we used to sing, you know, when Irish eyes are smiling and all that and I don't know. I I I always like the Irish part of me. So. Well, I love the Irish part of you that you passed down to Bruce that he passed down to my two children. So, thank you for making my family Irish too. Thank you. And Bruce is funny. Very sincere. Positive attitude. Thank you. And a very very good work ethic. Thank you. Yeah and Bruce is very funny. Yeah I'm going to can I just move this camera? I'll do that. Okay. I'm the celebr here. Okay. I'm going to sit down. Okay you sit down. And I'll put your whiskey in front of you Al. Okay. Okay. Whoops. In the event I want to have another one. Uh no. I think here. I mean you're a grown up man. You can have whatever you want. Yeah. For me I wouldn't have another one but that's. Oh the green shoes. The green shoes. I know. Oh you look so cute. It's Saint Patrick's Day and my green necklace so there you go. Yeah. Oh I'm so cute. And now we can see the Kiss Me I'm Irish tray with all of your beautiful lipsticks and our lip scrub and your lip balm. Tell em what colors we have. Well Suzanne mentioned it looks like honey glow is on the far right. Yeah. And next to that I'm going to say it looks like antique rose which is sort of a It's it's a it's like a mauve color. Right. Uh and it's actually one of our top sellers which I never realized. I was looking at which colour sold out. It's a it's a it's a lovely colour. Um the one next to that berry pop I want to say. Which one is a top seller? Antique Rose is one of the top sellers. Oh and that colour looks great on you. It's not tagged a lean toward berry pop. Which is you know more of a berry color. Um then we also have garnet which is as close as we can get to red. Red is really difficult to do in in organic lipsticks because Suzanne doesn't use any artificial colors and she doesn't use any lead in her lipsticks but the garnet is beautiful. And then you have the caramelized peach. You have coral crush. I think I bought them all. You did. Now, may I comment on this corned beef and cabbage. There's something about cooking it in the beer that just makes it taste so great with the pickling spices. Isn't it amazing? This is the best one you've ever made. So simple. Wow. So simple. Yeah. My mother, I started to say bless her soul. Uh did it the way most of our Irish mothers did it which is the way they did it in the old country. Uh they put it all in a big pot and boiled it in water. I always found it watery and the potatoes watery and the cabbage watery but you know, it was the way it was done and then one year, I tried it with beer and I thought what's more Irish than than it's cooking in beer and it was just so good and you can it just there's just enough flavor and everything isn't there yeah by the way if if you're wondering why I eat like this instead of changing my hands. Why is that Al? Uh because I was born in a British Commonwealth country. Oh. And we didn't do that. Okay. We eliminated that extra thing of doing this. Okay so that we could feed ourselves and then go back to this. Whoa. I'm left handed. Excuse me? Well, I just sleep with my left hand. I wanted to cut with my left hand but the nuns in Catholic school wouldn't allow me to use my left hand. They thought you'd become a child molester or something if you use your left hand and so I was forced to do everything with my right hand when I really want to do with my left hand. As you see, I naturally eat with my left hand and I am moderately dyslexic but things are backwards for me all the time and what I needed to learn to dance particularly to tap down the choreographer, water painter used to go left, left, right, right, left, right, left. Couldn't Then, we put a red shoe on my right foot and a black shoe on my left foot and he go red, red, black, black, red, black, red. Could understand that. So, was that because I really wanted to cut with scissors with my left hand? This is really and even the potato which looks like nothing. It taste great because it's been cooking that beer all day. Try this. Do it tomorrow morning. Mmm. Yeah, it's nice that you got this done today so everyone could use the inspiration for tomorrow. Well nothing worse than sitting here on the day going make it and you go well the day has passed. So so this way I didn't put it on like I said till 10 o'clock this morning. You can get up in the morning. Go to the grocery store at nine o'clock. Get your corned beef and cabbage and carrots and potatoes and potatoes. Get your potatoes and your and your carrots. And it comes out of me. I hope the the phone book doesn't come out of me. So Sharon Galizio Freeland says I don't boil in water either. I use beef broth and beer. That would be great great Absolutely. I found. And Cheryl Dolan said it's going in my crock pot tomorrow morning so I'll be ready after work. Great. Well that's a great thing. Give a lot of Catholic friends who were also forced into becoming right handed. So there's a bunch of us. And I'm sure if you ask the gay community a lot of them would say they tried to be forced to to be extreme. Probably. Probably. I know. Ooh. I don't know why those don't want to stay in my ear. Tony Strollo loves your jeans. Well thank you. I couldn't afford the whole pair. Well you know your you know what your sister Maureen would say. Yeah what did she say about it? She hates ripped jeans. Yes. That Maureen is back. Maureen who had a stroke two weeks ago. That Maureen is back. I'm so glad. That's awesome. I know. I talked to her a couple of times today and she is feisty as ever. Jarvis said I was traumatized too. Yelled at because I was a lefty and they wanted me to cut with my right hand. Yeah. Use use the scissors. Mhm. Because they said they don't make them for left for lefties the scissors. Oh that's right. Um Deborah wants to know if you can use red cabbage instead of green cabbage. Sure. There's no wrong. It it changes the color of your of your drippings though right? It kind of turn your potatoes purple on your. It might be that. The the juice that you cooked it in is not a suitable sauce or gravy or anything. It's just something that. Oh it isn't? No. You don't put a little of the sauce over? No you really don't. It's it's been cooking in it all day and it's just kind of it's not it's not it's not like drippings on the bottom of the pan. It's not the same thing. Oh got it. Okay. Betsy Danielle said love all your products but the caramelized peach lipstick and organic lip balm is so yummy. Just received my Sunrise Multi Stick Blush and it's beautiful. Uh I love it. So, if you've been starting to wear it to Suzanne's, all of Suzanne's makeup is it's organic and she doesn't use any artificial colors or dyes. It's all, there's no animal testing. It's cruelty free and she doesn't use lead in those lipsticks. So, get some beautiful products. Now, this is amazing to me that we have to say things like we don't use lead in our lipstick and we don't use glue in our mascara. I mean, it's it's really crazy how we we it just got slipped into our cosmetics and it's only of late. Uh we started quite early with recognizing that we women who wear makeup every day. The cumulative effect can be positive or negative with our and the cumulative effect is very positive. Um it's all good for you but the other stuff has bad ingredients in it. You know, it's like our nail polish is missing the top ten offenders. We couldn't get everything out but we got all the really bad ones out but including formaldehyde which kind of a big deal. How you doing, Al? Uh huh. Yeah, are you drunk from your two drinks? Drunk. No, actually they're not. I just feel really nice. How good? And I may have a third. Oh, wow. Quite a dent in that bottle. Yeah you're a grown up. Yeah. Denise Finnegan if you're watching what's what you've done. Yeah. John's Lane release. Powers. Yeah. Yeah. Irish. Irishness. We're very excited here because in Los Angeles for sure and I think it's all of California, indoor dining starts tomorrow or maybe it's tonight. No, tonight. Yeah. It's good because it's cold there. It's cold. So, now you can go inside. Uh huh. We all just want normal back. Oh good. It's a different normal. Mm hmm. And you have to wait to be able to go to a restaurant. Well, at least at least starting tonight, we can do it. Said, I love the mascara. You can hardly feel it is on. It's simply love it. Know what else is great about the mascara. It comes off easy especially with the everyday cleanser because there's no glue in it. Yeah. Yeah. And everything on Suzanne's site is on sale today, twenty-five percent off and the promo code is Irish twenty-five. Um so, if you're looking to get supplements or hair care, skin care products, everything is 25% off. Too bad we weren't selling Irish whiskey tonight. You can sell a ton of it. Do you sell Irish whiskey on I don't know. You can't do it on TV. I don't think you. We can't sell whiskey on online, can we? Caroline? No. I mean, they do sell alcohol online. I don't know if we have a clicker license or if we need one. Oh, yeah. Right. Right. You certainly can buy alcohol online. Yeah. Mazzy says your creams are great. Get any of Suzanne's face creams today, the Bioactive Moisturizer or the Perfect Peptide Moisturizer. I'm not sure which one is your favorite or the targeted night cream. They're all on sale today for 25% off. I agree. Which 2-5 is the promo code. I appreciate you Caroline especially knowing that when we called you up, you had your, you were asleep on the kitchen table and now that we're eating, you have to do all the talking because I can't talk and eat. So, I don't know what else to do But thank you. I've got all these comments right here and people are people are chatting. Um thank you. Julie Roman said I remember in first grade my teacher oh wow my teacher slapped me on the hand with a ruler because I was flirting with a boy next to me. I'm six I'm 62 years old. I've never forgotten that. You know you don't remember that time because it didn't happen in your childhood Caroline but teachers routinely slapped you on the hand with the rulers. It was like yeah oh actually that was Vicky. Julie said the nuts used to crack my knuckles with the ruler if I tried to use my left hand to raise. So now I do everything with my left hand but Wow. Wow. Yeah. Yeah but you know what? Getting a ruler on the knungles. Yeah. Yeah. What did you get? I used to get the strap from Mister Hart. Wow. Mister Hart. He'll be in jail today. He got off. He had one of those things that barbers used for sharpening when he was shaved. No. Yeah and had a hand a leather handle on it. And I'd hold out my hand and he. Oh my god. Three on this one and three on this one. Oh my gosh. That's sadistic. And then he do it to Gibby. So were you two like really bad boys? We were mischievous. We weren't bad. So what would mischievous? What does that mean to you? Uh okay. Well, okay. I had this teacher I didn't like at all. She didn't like me. And it was clear. Right from the get go. Wow. So one day she's writing on the blackboard. And I took her I had a piece of chalk on my desk. I don't know why. The Emily sat me in the front. So they could keep an eye on you. I keep an eye on me and every so often I get one. Okay? Wow. And the P teachers did that. Wow. Yeah. So she's writing on the blackboard and I took a chalk and I threw it and I hit the blackboard. And she around she knew it was me and said and why did you do that? I said because you forgot to. the eye. I know. That's as bad as it does. Okay but that you shouldn't have thrown chalk at your teacher. No no I didn't. I threw it at the blackboard. Okay but it was you you know what you're doing. Yes. I I I have a feeling that you drove adults crazy when you were a kid. Yeah but you still don't get the strap for that. Yeah. Yeah. You could just say. Yeah. Allen. Take your seat. Well none of that. Yeah. Yeah. I used to get you know stand at the back of the room with your back to the room but I didn't have you know. Yeah and of course I I refuse. You know not not all nuns were statistic. There were a lot of nice nuns too. Just are a lot of people who have memories of some very strict Catholic school. Yeah. This wasn't Catholic. It's the way it used to be. This was just a regular. Yeah. I went to Catholic school. I All the weekends. Wendy Shipley said I'm watching three's company. The one where you lost the vet and are eating the chocolate cake. That's my favorite one. The the chocolate was fine. That's my favorite episode. I love that. I love that one. And I love handcuffs when John and I were handcuffed together and he had a date and so I had to go on a date with him and pretend I wasn't handcuffed. And the hospital one. At the hospital. The were great. Those were really Mary Como says wondering if Suzanne would sing a bit of Irish eyes for us. Happy Saint Patrick's Day from Nova Scotia. Oh. Okay. Lot of Irish in Nova Scotia. I will sing before we New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. Also in Ontario. Yeah. Lot of Irish. Okay. Alright. What should I sing? William I. She wanted you to sing Irish eyes. Oh okay. Oh We'll do that. After you eat. After I eat and. Don't you feel like it? And then we'll turn off the this music because they kind of crash with one another. Then we'll see how it turns out because I could also do the phone book. Shake hands with your uncle Mike and dad and kiss the carrots. And there's the girl that used to swing down by the garden gate. Shake hands with all your neighbors out and kiss the carrots all. Hey. Me. There's more of that. It's amazing. Do it. I'll drink to that. Oh, is that a fourth one? No, it's not third. Oh, wow. I think I'm loving Irish whiskey. Oh. Wow. Okay. Yeah. See, all the people in your family who stopped drinking. Mm hmm. Who are watching this? Uh huh. Nobody in in my family drinks anymore. They're all pissed off. Why? Look at em. He's sitting there drinking Irish whiskey. I could've done that. Here's to good health. Oh my god. Happiness and smiling eyes. Okay. But you don't have to call me John but just the two of us. Okay. I won't. Oh god. Okay. This also looks like my rip analysis. Here we go. Oh. Tony Russo said be careful climbing the stairs tonight Allen. Yeah. Wow. I'm glad we're not driving anywhere tonight. Water. Wow. That was good. Wow. Yeah. I'd like I'd like some water too. And Nancy said you're going to grow more hair on your chest. You're right Nancy or something or something. Okay. Glasses are green. So, is it okay if I go to sleep? Yeah. And you're going to be asleep before the sun's down tonight. That's the difference between an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic. He's not alcoholic. An alcoholic will just keep drinking. Uh a non-alcoholic drinks and then all of a sudden they get sleepy and they have to go to sleep. So you're not an alcoholic. I don't know I know that. Yeah. I know that too. I used to drink a lot. Yeah but I don't remember you ever being drunk ever. Well when I was in my twenties. Oh. I used to drink a lot. Oh. That's just called being in your twenties. Yeah. And I was into cognac. Vsop. I actually feel like I'm having dinner with you guys. Isn't that nice? I had fava beans and Tuscan kale soup. Is that what you had? And? Mm. Yeah. We had great soup. There were these beautiful fava beans at the market. Mm. So I shook the fava beans and then made a little sausage soup with with that beautiful kale. Cabbage. That beautiful baby kale. So good. Mm. What's the line out of that movie? I'm so happy Violet's home. Violet's out of the hospital. What? What's that line out of the movie? Anthony Hopkins. Vava Beans. Lava beans. Yeah. Yeah. With a glass of kiati. Believe me Bruce poured the kiante. That was a it's good. No wonder your head was on the table. I know. I said I've said to him I was like no I have a show late tonight so I just had a tiny little you know those a tiny little like European little water glass size of wine I have to write out the Supras. We haven't I haven't I haven't written it out yet Shane. That sounds great. It was good. Well, you have access to the cook here. Yeah, because of it. In the in the times that we spent in that part of Italy. I was cooking like that too because the ingredients are everywhere and they're so amazing. So amazing. And the market tells you what to cook. Mhm. You know you just it you you come up with your ideas in the in the market because you really it's you just buy whatever attraction that's what you make. Absolutely. What you looking at Al? Oh I'm just checking things to make sure. Madison said she usually has bangers and mash but you've inspired her if she thinks she's going to make such a good dinner. I'm eating slowly because I'm talking to you but I could've wolf this down in 2 minutes. Did you say woke? Wolf. Oh wolf. So why don't we turn off the music? That's easier said than done. Oh, Uh okay let me try and turn it off. Okay and then I'll try and sing that song. I hope I remember it. Which one? When Irish eyes are smiling. You can help me. All I know is when Irish eyes are smiling. Yeah I don't know the smiling. Donna said to tell you Alan that she's watching from Newfoundland. I love Newfoundlanders. He does. He does. He talks about Newfoundland and Newfoundlanders a a lot. Those are the real people. Those are the real people. And most Canadians have never been east of Montreal. And east of is some of the most interesting parts of North America. There's Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Newfoundland I don't think was even part of Canada till the late 40s I believe and the people there are quite incredible plus over here and turn off the music plus Newfoundland is closer to Ireland than it is to the rest of Canada and then pull up when Irish Eyes are smiling because I don't remember the lyrics okay let me let me first of all try it very impromptu show let me try to turn off the music here. Well while he's doing that Suzanne Brittany said is it true that you started wearing the side ponytails on Dre's company because of the dye job gone raw? Yep. And you know I was at Vidal Sassoon and my colourist was Virginia who also coloured Rod Stewart's hair. So she puts the colour on my hair and she's over in the corner oh Rod talking to him on the phone. And then I heard her go oops. Running over and she like looked at the color on there and all the hair came out in this like big bald spot on the side of my head and I said, I have a show to do in three hours and that's when we pulled it all over on one side but then, the way the hairdo eventually morphed into the two ponytails. I was walking down Sunset Boulevard pass the Herb Cafe and there's outdoor seating and there's a woman sitting there with her Afghan dog and I looked at that dog with the big eyes and the two big ears hanging down and I went, what a cool hairdo and that's how Chrissy Snow got, the two ponytails. So, there's a little bit to the one side and a little bit to the two sides. So, you turn it off? I did and now, I'm looking for when Irish eyes were smiling. Did you lose Caroline? No. Oh, Over there. Okay. Alright. Eyes are smiling. Go. See, I just like to make you all happy. Okay. Um it? I think so. Oh, well, how fun. Okay. Can I look at it? You're going to need my glasses. Alright. I'll take em. Okay, they're my glasses. And they're actually kind of my glasses. In here. Alright. This thing just won't stay in but anyway, alright so in honor of Saint Patrick's Day I first want to lift my blast to my other great husband whose birthday is tomorrow on Saint Patrick's Day Patrick Duffy I think you should explain that he was your television oh my television husband but as television husbands go oh my gosh I I we had the best time together and my husband loved my television husband so happy birthday Patrick Duffy I'm going to call you tomorrow alright Now, let's see if I can see this. It's going to take a minute. This is impromptu, alright? But I'm just kidding. No, what happened? I know what happened. What happened? Your fingers happened. Oh, can you get back? All of a sudden I'm looking at Caroline Summers. Okay. Uh Alright. Now, don't don't push anything. I will. That's what I always say to you. Alright. When Irish eyes are smiling sure it's this is this is pathetic yeah they're Irish for crying out loud like a moon in spring in the loot of Irish laughter you can hear the angels sing when Irish hearts are happy all the world seems bright and gay oh this is I started too high but I gotta start over when Irish eyes are smiling sure it's like a morning spring in the little Irish laughter you can hear the angels sing when Irish hearts are happy all the world seems bright and gay but when Irish eyes are smiling sure they'll steal your heart away okay where's my desk but it's yeah impromptu I love you all happy Saint Patrick's Day and we'll see you Friday night and happy Saint Patrick's Day I love you too. I love you too. Good night everybody. They loved it. They loved it. Yeah. That was awesome. Bravo. So beautiful.
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