It happens to the best of us. You resolve to not get frustrated today, walk out with the best of intentions and BAM! Five minutes later, you are secretly plotting to murder her. Well, don't worry we are all in the same boat. While we can't be outright rude, we all have had these thoughts at some point when dealing with our painful mothers-in-law.

This article lists 10 thoughts everyone has when they are frustrated with their mother in law. It lists hillarious thoughts like how is my husband so normal, she is going to die soon and more.

Do you know about the most popular valuable items that were stolen from India eons ago? No, it wasn't just the Kohinoor diamond, but also sculptures, letters and marbles. <div><br>  <p class="MsoNormal">Everyone knows the history of India but not everyone knows how much wealth we gave to this world.</p><p class="MsoNormal"><br></p>  <p class="MsoNormal">And with that, I don't only mean literature, but real wealth

Pakistan Court asks Britian to return Koh-i-Noor diamond

Cricketer Dinesh Karthik sues sportscar designer Dilip Chhab

Dinesh Karthik has moved a consumer forum seeking compensation from automobile designer Dilip Chhabria for his failure to refund the booking amount for a sportscar worth Rs 35 lakh

The older we get, and the more family responsibilities we take on, the more we tend to lean on a carefully curated set of girlfriends. Whether for nights out with the girls, girlie catch ups over coffee, boozy lunches or healthy post gym smoothies – spending time with close girlfriends is essential for many reasons.

10 Reasons Why Spending Time with Girlfriends is Good for the Soul

The recent remarks of Aamir Khan over 'Intolerant India' has created havoc all over the country. He said that seeing some recent incidents, his wife Kiran Raowas frightened and even suggested that they should leave the country and move to a safer place for his son's future.  So which place would be the safest place for Aamir Khan to live?

Aamir Khan Wishes To Play Krishna If SS Rajamouli Will Make 'Mahabharata'

The institutional weaknesses of public institutions stand in contrast to relatively dynamic private and civil society organizations.

What is GST and why it matters to you-  The Times of India

What is GST and why it matters to you- The Times of India

Salman Khan's lawyer picks holes in case-  The Times of India

Being special invitee for PM Modi swearing in ceremony. Salman was duly rewarded for his sincerity towards him.