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two guitars and a bag sitting on a couch
Distinctive and luxurious custom made Ukulele case - Your music is unique, your case too.
No te pierdas este artículo de mi tienda de #etsy: Distinctive and luxurious Ukulele case - Your music is unique, your case too. #musica #leather #ukuleleconcierto #ukuleleleatherbag #ukelele #ukelelecuero
a poster with the words i like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things
21 Powerful Quotes That Capture The Magic Of Music
21 Beautiful Reflections About Music From Legendary Musicians - BuzzFeed Mobile
someones music is the only thing that gets your mind off of everything elsee
Yep. The cliche of putting on headphones and escaping is truth. It lets me leave reality for a little while.
Joan Jett Breaking Benjamin, Sandy West, Papa Roach, Garth Brooks, 10th Quotes, Joan Jett, Badass Women
10 Quotes to Turn you & me On. | elephant journal
Joan Jett
a woman sitting on top of a couch next to a quote from the book, for me punk is about real feelings it's not about
Kick-Your-Ass Punk Rock Motivation - Musings of Laura Bock
MY JOEY, seen Ramones 55 times...went on summer tour with them, could never get enough of them!!! Have pics with Joey!!!
a man with an electric guitar standing on stage in front of a microphone and potted plant | The official home for all things Disney
I'd like to think that I've adopted this trait. I rarely share my thoughts unless someone really tries to pry them out of me with the intent on listening rather than bullshit. Other than that, I'll listen/small talk everyone all day and gather what is really important.