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a clipboard with the words general leder on it and two people standing next to it
Do You What General Ledger is?
General Ledger: A Collection of Ledger accounts which track a company's financial activities. | #accounting | #accounts | #taxes | #payroll | #bookkeeping | #accountingprinciple | #debits | #credits | #finance | #financial | #finance
a tax sheet with the text free self - enjoyed tax sheet, and an image of a
How To Prep For Your Self-Employed Taxes: A Survival Guide
Click through to learn How To Prep For Your Self-Employed Taxes- A Survival Guide #taxtips #entrepreneur
a white sign that reads, an anatomy of a client welcome packet with flowers in the background
Anatomy of a Client Welcome Packet | Crown Creatives Virtual Services
So what makes up a client welcome packet? Here’s are the questions you should be asking yourself as you make one for your business.
a person is holding an electronic device with the text how i learn $ 1 75 in passive
20+ Easy Ways To Earn Side Money Online | Beer Money Passive Income
Do you think that you have to actually work online to make extra money? Well, I'm here to tell you that I earn $1,753 each month in passive income - online.
a pyramid with the words learning pyramid and how we learn it in different colors, shapes, and sizes
The Best Budgeting Tips for Beginners (That You Have to Know)!
Figuring out how you learn best and mastering that method can mean the difference between complete success or never-ending frustration. The Learning pyramid takes you through each level of this, and if you want to master a topic, use as many different learning methods as possible! #learning pyramid #moneyforthemamas
an info sheet with the words fixed cost and important points
Types of Financial Statements
5 Types of Financial Statements | Balance Sheet, Income, Cash Flow, + 2
an advertisement for selling with heart on the front and back of a white background, with text
Selling with Heart (An Honest Approach to Sales) | Ashley Chymiy, Heart-Centered Coach
Sales doesn’t have to feel icky, awkward, or gross! It can be a genuine service to your community. Catch this post and learn how to sell authentically and with heart! | brand strategy for passionate entrepreneurs / hart-centered business / selling with heart / sales tips for introverts / selling for empaths / small business tips for HSPs / #salesstrategy #mindfulbusiness
an info sheet with the words gross money versus net income
Gross vs Net Income – Importance, Differences And More
Gross vs Net Income – Importance, Differences And More
a desk with an open book on it and the words, 10 self - enjoyed booksheling steps to kickstart your books the right way
Bookkeeping 101 for Successful Startups & Self Employed
This bookkeeping 101 guide gives you 10 steps to kick-start you, a new self-employed freelancer or business owner, to track your money with the right systems and the right ideas. Get the knowledge and build your confidence. #bookkeeping101 #bookkeeping #bookkeepingtips #self-employed #businessowner #freelancer
the 7 rules of dream client attraction to captivate your brand - out - hand
7 Rules of Dream Client Attraction | Ashley Chymiy, Heart-Centered Coach
Attracting your dream clients doesn’t have to be complicated, but there are a few rules you should know! Follow all of these rules, and you’ll be attracting your dream clients in no time! // brand strategy / client attraction / attracting the right clients / make more sales / #brandstrategy / #salesstrategy
a poster with the words, 27 late night jobs that makes $ 500 / month
Smartrepreneur Blog
Are you having trouble squeezing a few extra hours to work during the day? or
a line graph showing the steps to achieving success
Book Reviews Happen Here
Project Management - Take a deep breath
a yellow and black poster with the words 99 - misc decoded
The 1099 Decoded: The What, Who, Why & How 1099s
Confused about how to file a 1099? I get it. There's a lot of remember as a small business owner. Get the details about filing a 1099 plus a free checklist. #businesstips #taxtips
how to create a well organized small business book keeping binder
How to Create a Well-Organized Small Business Bookkeeping Binder | Sabrina's Admin Services
How to Create a Well-Organized Small Business Bookkeeping Binder - paper management tips for small business.