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This terracotta jewelry is carved to detail and painted in retro colors, best suiting all cotton dresses. Expect for new designs in vibrant colors soon. I had taken few months off from etsy as two little hands and ten little fingers were keeping me busy.

VK002 RETRO Red Orange Gold and Black Handmade | Etsy

RETRO- Red, Orange, Gold and Black - Handmade Terracotta Clay Jewelry. This jewelry can be customized to any color of your choice by requesting a CUSTOM ORDER. MEASUREMENTS: * The necklace is a combination of black, orange, red and orange beads. Pendant measures 1 1/2" long with 1/4" small dangler. Beaded chain measures 7 1/2" long excluding the pendant. The sliding knots on either side of the pendant lets you adjust the length of the necklace * The earring stud is 3/4" long and the dangler…

Terracotta fusion necklace

Artisan jewellery for Women

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