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Basis a design brief, our team puts together decor looks that suit a certain personality. Where do you find yourself - ethnic, modern, mid-century, trendy, industrial, asian or another decor influence?

The Rose Quartz is a striking yet gentle hue that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Read more about desert inspired interiors on our blog! #rozequartz #pink #livingroom #interiors #discernliving

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For an Ethnic Look, we curated a list of products inspired by Indian and Middle-Eastern cultures to transform a contemporary shell into an ethnically decorated bedroom. Intricate detailing and craftsmanship take form in a Rajasthani hand-carved mirror placed behind the bed, highlighting the headboard and accentuating the verticality of the room.This Look narrates an extraordinary story of artisanship and mysticism, doing so boldly in a Contemporary city setting. Read more on our blog!

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Use a wallpaper to frame your formal seating arrangement by placing your main sofa in front of the wall. Since this is a more public space than the bedroom, you can play around with textures and gradients. The patterns can act as a backdrop to emphasize your furniture and artwork. The bold gradient on the wallpaper can be muted with soft white linen sheers and curtains against the windows, creating a soft, breezy environment on hot summer days.

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Place the wallpaper behind your bed for an impressive backdrop. If you are one to be intimidated by bold graphics in a bedroom, use a wallpaper with a subtle texture to soften the walls. Indigo blue is a natural and hence a very restful colour, ideal for your bedroom. Every intensity, whether deep or light, achieves a sense of peace in the room. Most colour and Vaastu experts today recommend the use of blue in your bedroom.

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We don’t expect you to rush into this décor trend and transform your home overnight. Like most trends, it’s expedient to start slowly and have a trial run first. Start by colour blocking with accessories – a stack of brightly coloured throw cushions and carpet in an otherwise plain room will keep you on trend while immediately livening up your sofa or bed.

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The Discern Design Studio is constantly at work creating Looks for interior spaces inspired by different design styles. The Studio's designers use the Discern Style Guide as a reference - a collection of 16 proprietary styles, to create these Looks for various spaces.Of the many Looks created by our team of interior designers, we bring you the five most popular looks of the month. Read our blog to discover these looks!

This room render has a lot of spunk with a refreshing pop of green. Read more about desert inspired interiors on our blog! #green #interiors #livingroom #discernliving

Think rich, creamy custard and you've got your Buttercup Yellow. Read more about the desert inspired interiors on our blog ! #buttercup #yellow #interiors #livingroom #discernliving

The Ethnic Indian Style is inspired by the richness of Indian heritage. Read more on our blog ! #indian #ethnic #dining

A bedroom with an Ethnic Middle Eastern Look that beautifully combines shades of blue. Read more on our blog! #eastern #ethnic #bedrom