Colacabana - Rio inspired interiors with Discern Living #discernliving

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1. Floral wallpaper, Rs 4,259, 2. Jefferson Sofa SA-274 on 3. Pescara Peach Lamp Shade, Rs 259, 4. Calmistry Pink ceramic lamp, Rs 1,169,

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If you want a vintage Indian look, style this mango wood coffee table with the Maharaja telephone and sand timer. Beyond Extravagance, a hefty tome of a coffee table book, will provide some interesting reading material for your guests to flip through. Add small accessories that can work as statement items for your table. To shop these products, read our blog!

Create an unconventional modern setting with this abstract teak wood coffee table. We suggest this look for a room which mostly features shades of white. The classic trifecta of books, a ceramic vase and a chic jewellery box will make your table into an instant fashion statement. Calla lilies are a gorgeously sophisticated way to incorporate fresh flowers into your coffee table decor. To shop these products, read our blog!

Choose this metallic gold, glass-topped coffee table, which will exude elegance and style for your modern contemporary home. The candle stand adds height and statuesque glamour and is complemented by an antique silver votive, to help shake the monotony that symmetry can sometimes bring. Add an elaborate tea-light holder to bring the eye back to the surface. A bowl of potpourri adds a dash of colour and complements the metallics well. Read our blog to shop these products!

For an eclectic bohemian look, style this colour-blocked coffee table with a pair of beautiful black elephants. Add a few coffee table books and monochromatic floor cushions to introduce contrast to an otherwise colourful setting. Shop the look from our blog!

We love this colonial style coffee table decorated with a cast silver coated vase and silver votive, with complementing tea lights. The decorative turquoise tray is sure to steal the thunder in your living room. Mix modern accents with antique items to make the space pop. Read our blog to shop these products!

We've designed a tri-coloured space with mix-and-match cushions in saffron and green. Place them on a neutral sofa, like the beige one pictured here, to create a pop of vibrancy. Make sure a few pieces have a white (or neutral-coloured) palette to avoid the risk of overwhelming your space with too much bold colour. This pair of colourful stools allows you to bring an ethnic touch to this modern setting. The Marigold rug completes the look. To shop these products, read our blog!

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