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Car Care Service

Discount Car Care is a family owned and operated full-service auto repair shop in Katy, TX since 1984. Most of our mechanics have been with us for over ten years. We are located right next to Mo’s Place, the area’s top Country and Western bar.
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How to Keep a Car Engine Cooling System Fit During Winter and Summer

Cooling System Katy | How to Keep a Car Engine Cooling System Fit During Winter

What You Need to Know About #Car #Radiator Repair and Replacement

Car Radiator Repair Katy | What You Need to Know About Car Radiator Repair

Discount Car Care can help quickly fix the Check Engine Light annoyance for your vehicles both cost effectively & quickly.

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Air conditioning in a car is an important system that provides comfort and safety for the passengers. The system delivers cooling, air filtering, heating, humidity control and defrosting. It also helps in a clear view of the front road.

Car AC Failure - Diagnosis, Repairing and Benefits

Often, people get frustrated, when their car gets out of order on the way. It creates a huge trouble while the damage occurs far from the mechanical shop. It happens with many people who avoid a regular check up of their vehicle and gradually their car shows the bigger issues and needs a costly repair. While

Why a Regular Maintenance or Repair is required for Your Car?

The steering and suspension systems of a car are not only important for safety reasons but also play a significant part in enhancing the ride experience and comfort of your car’s drive.

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Discount Car Care

Discount Car Care can serve all your car hoses and timing belt problems. We are expert in solving common problems like cracking, splitting and soft spots.

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Discount Car Care