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Our Inspiration Cheyenne Cushioned Vinyl Flooring has a gorgeous black tile effect, perfect for ultra modern kitchens and bathrooms. This floor is embossed with a realistic tyle effect but is highly durable and water resistant.


Our Monarch Classic vinyl has it all in the name. Regal, classic tiles, with an embossed effect. All the beauty of good tiles without the cost and the hassle. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, our vinyl flooring is water resistant, durable, and cushioned for comfort, sound dampening, and insulation.


Our Regent Metelen Cushioned vinyl has a sleek, dark look, with embossed finish. While you'll never see wood this dark in the wild, you'll be convinced it's the real deal. Water resistant, resilent, and cheap, what could be better?


Our Serena Merle vinyl flooring is a gorgeous dark wood board, mimicking the appearance of a smoked and oiled real wood with realistic embossing. It's water resistant and pet and kid proof, perfect for a busy kitchen or bathroom with a modern look.


Our Serana Cape vinyl flooring has a rich, dark oak colour with realistic grooves and knots to give it the feel and appearance of the real deal, at a fraction of the price of real wood. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms due to it's water resistance, non slip, resilent, and perfect for kids and pets.


With a retro Italian look the Trevena Kingley vinyl has mini tiles and an embossed feel. It works perfectly with a classic bathroom or kitchen with white furniture and recovered fixings. Water resistant and tough, it's an ideal short cut to classic tiles without the cost.


Check out the Serena Oliver cushioned vinyl flooring. It's got that gorgeous smoky tile look, perfect for a classic kitchen with high counters and glass cabinets, or a perfect fit for a classy, classic bathroom with white and black tones. Water resistant, tough, and cheaper than tiles.

Our Monarch Coral Vinyl has that unique herringbone effect, without the hassle of installation. Trust us, getting this sort of pattern with real tiles or wood can be an absolute nightmare. Take the handy shortcut and get our quality vinyl. It's embossed, tough, and water resistant, and most importantly of all, it really looks the part!

Our Serena Campion has that authentic stained look and embossed feel of real wood, without the price and requisite maintenance. Water resistant and resilient, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens!

Our Regent Dayton Vinyl Flooring has a gorgeous embossed feel and unique wood graining and knots throughout, emulating real wood but with the added vinyl bonuses of warmth and softness under wood, ease of maintence, and water proof properties!