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Pisces: " ~ Pisces have a tendency to prepare for the worst; they can see things often before they happen.


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I dont walk away because I am super upset. I just need alone time to sort out my thoughts and calm down :-)


"A negative mind will never give you a positive life." ★ (Train your beautiful mind to think positive ~ always. Yes.

Something a Pisces would say: Don't make me look like a fool. I do that quite well enough on my own, thank you.

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Though they may flounder, and their light may grow dim, they always swim on. To understand a feeling it must be felt completely is the premise of their life. They know why we're all here they are the oldest of souls. It's clear that every experience is personal that happens to them. So they seek to understand everything. For any lessons skimmed over or skipped are forever repeated. The damned remain damned and can never truly die and move on until they've learnt all their lessons.

Pisces: " ~ A Pisces basic instinct: No matter where life takes them, nothing and no one can break them.

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So don't take it like you won or had better points, you're just too stupid to warrant a response!

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You better watchout