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Cold Defense  Cold Fighter Herbal Tea
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Winter in Chinese Medicine
WELCOME TO YEAR 2021 With the changing of the seasons, we forget that like our furry friends that hibernate in the colder months, we should be taking the time to relax and conserve our energies as well. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is a time to nourish our bodies, to sleep more, and to reflect on our spirituality, our relation- ships with people and indeed, our relationships with ourselves. #cinnamon #ChineseMedicine #DistinctlyTea #WinterRemedies
German Detox Tea
☕️ January is often the time of year when we think about all the treats we ate at Christmas and how we should get back into a healthier eating routine. Adding a gentle detox tea to your diet may help your body cleanse itself faster and have you feeling more energetic and less sluggish from all the sweets. Our German Detox Blend would be a perfect tea for just that. ☕️