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"What an epiphany... This is a girl´s dream and a boy´s nightmare. What a joy for a woman finally someone has the nuts to marry this crazy lady. What a dream to a man finally a super girl, best friend, buddy and acquaintance for the rest of his life."

*staring at the ground* Um... h-hey. I'm Kipp... yeah, it's a weird name... um... s-sorry, I get flustered easily. I usually get made fun of because... w-well, because I'm gay... sorry if you don't like me, now... I-I'll just... *blushes* Sorry.

Kate wanted to know, to remember, but she couldn't. She had a feeling that she loved Rodney, that they were close. But as he hugged from down below, she couldn't help but want to pull him back up and tell him that everything would be alright, but that would be a lie.

| Tải hinh anime – No pain no gain even the past has its pain and after a long time wounds ar heel but scars are left. – 3769 – avatar 1 tấm | Ảnh đẹp 1 tấm

Even though I may seem tough, strong, and strict..I do have my soft spots..I'm not boring..I have a whole universe of imagination inside me waiting to be released..but limited because of the words that come out of my mouth~Nakua